Gwen Stefani Without Makeup is Somewhat Unrecognizable, but Let’s Give Her a Break

Sometimes, people are too critical of Gwen especially when they see her without or with barely minimal makeup. Before you even judge her and say that Gwen Stefani without makeup is ugly, don’t forget she is almost 50 years old. She has been performing for a very long time – even way before you were born. Let’s give her a break and just appreciate her for how she has aged gracefully.

In a rare event, Gwen posted a photo of herself with barely anything on her face. She obviously looked different, but still pretty.

If you look closely, Gwen’s photos reveal her real age even with makeup on. Of course, she is almost 50 now.

Gwen was mocked when this photo surfaced since she looked really old. Sometimes, people forget that she is almost 50 years old.

Say whatever you want about her, but for someone like Gwen to have stayed long as a pop artist, it is such a huge deal.

A lot of other artists during her time and after her have already faded, but she remains relevant until today.

Gwen’s skin has obviously shows some signs of aging, but she still looks amazing. She also performs as if she has never grown older.

Who cares about Gwen looking a lot older? She is still a very talented artist and she was able to maintain her relevance until now.

As a judge in The Voice, Gwen has appeared with more natural looking makeup, and she looks even more beautiful.

Would you believe she sported this ridiculous makeup back in the 90’s? Before Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj rose to stardom, Gwen has already blazed the trail.

Gwen is a genius who has retained her relevance in the industry over the years. She deserves an applause for all her accomplishments.