Calico Cat Facts – Why are they the best domestic cats?

Calico cats became popular because of their triple colored fur. Contrary to the common notion about them, they are not so much of a different breed. This is only thought because of the color they have. It is really distinct but it is just about it. The fur is usually dominated by black and orange spots. These may be of various names as well. For instance, there is the so called lapjeskat. This pertains to patches cat. This is usually situated in Netherlands. There is also this mi-ke. This means triple fur which is always in Japan. These are some of the Calico Cat Facts available and there are still many.

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Other breeds of cats and more

There are breeds of the said cat which are normally present in the calico coloration. These are British Shorthair, Exotic Shorthair, American, Turkish Van, Shorthair, Manx, Japanese Bobtail,  and Persian. All of these exist too. Basically, calico is only a variation. This involves the fur and it is not, in any way, a distinctive breed, in contrary to how others would like to perceive it to be. The historic origin though is not yet certain for everyone. There is this orange mutant gene which is commonly seen around these calico cats. These have been confirmed already. These come with their own point and have been migrated towards that of domestic cats which are always in Southern Europe and North Africa. This is observed throughout the port in Mediterranean cities most especially in Europe. This is also true for Spain, Italy and France. There are claims though saying that it really originated in Egypt.

As for a ton of cultures around the whole world, calico cats are always seen as lucky charms. They are also a sign of good omen. There is this notion that they can bring about good fortune to the family. This is why they are being kept all the time. There are instances when they are being referred as money cats. This is the idea in the US alone. Calico cats are also known for being the companion of Japanese sailors. They observe this during voyages since the belief is that they can be kept safe regardless of the unfavorable events in the seas. This is how different it has been.

On Maryland, calico cats were dubbed as the official state cat. This happened on October 2001. There were authorities who finally decided that the move be made because of the coloration of the fur of the calico cat. This can be a mix of white, orange and black. This shares the same qualities with that of Baltimore Orion. This is the representative of Maryland. This may also be synonymous to that of the Baltimore Checkersport butterfly. This is the insect representative of Maryland.

There are many who have surely heard of these calico cats. Despite this though, one thing can be assured – they may also be sweet. This sets them apart from other breeds of cats out there.

Interesting Facts about Martin Luther King Jr – Revelations you didn’t see coming

The name Martin Luther King Jr will always play an important role in history. It is indeed an understatement to say that he is the most, if not, one of the most influential people in activism. He became popular for the roles he was able to play in American Civil Rights Movement. He made sure for the mentioned to be persistent, peaceful and at the same time, critical. During the said movement, this Baptist minister was able to deliver a thousand of speech. He got to travel countless of miles in order for equality to be fought. All of these are always found on interesting facts about Martin Luther King Jr.

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More about Martin Luther King Jr

Despite of owning quite a high profile, well this is evident in a tenfold of buildings, parks, street and school names, there are still many facts about Dr. King that not all people are very much informed of. What are these?

It has been said that Martin Luther King Jr. was not really named that way initially. In the year 1930, Michael Sr. went to Germany. He was then inspired by the presence of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther. As this happened, the said father changed his own name. Since that, he found ways in order to change the name of his son too.

It was also not a secret that Dr. King was a bit inclined to cigarettes. This was the case even if he tried to keep the mentioned under certain covers. It was still discovered by friends, family and even photographers. From that, he was known to be a smoker for his entire lifetime.

Aside from the mentioned, Martin, up until now, is perceived as smart. Well, imagine being able to attend college as early as 15. That says a lot – right? This happened though because he was accelerated. He did not even have to go through grades nine and 12. These contributed to him being able to go to college earlier than expected. Aside from this, just at Morehouse College, Dr. King also became a part of the Alpha Phi Alpha. This is a fraternity. He then graduated in the year 1948. This gave him a degree in Bachelor of Arts in technology.

Another fascinating fact is that Dr. King actually won a Grammy. This was the result of his singing in his church’s choir. The mentioned was witnessed during his childhood. This was in the gala night, the premier of “Gone with the Wind.” However, Dr. King was not that popular for his skills in singing. As a matter of fact, it was only in the year 1971 when Dr. King was able to snatch a Grammy award for the category Best Spoken Word Album. This was considered to be a post honor because of his album.

Dr. King will always be a Trekkie too. He even became responsible in making Nichelle Nichols stay the first season of Star Trek. This is so unlikely.

Natural Remedies for Acne: Prevent Pimples and Blackheads with Natural Treatments

Acne can affect self-esteem and can permanently leave skin scarred and damaged. With natural treatments, adults and teens can help to treat acne and leave skin looking clearer and healthier.

Natural Acne Spot Treatment

Though garlic is know in folklore to ward off vampires, it also does a great job ridding the skin of pimples. This treatment can be purchased at any grocery store and should be bought in bulb form in the produce section.

Garlic works to treat acne by ridding the skin of impurities and helping to eliminate oils that clog pores. The garlic works as an astringent and dries the skin. Because of this, it is important to start with small amounts to prevent sensitive skin from dramatic drying or burning.

To apply the garlic, anyone can simply take one raw clove and cut it in half. The cut end of the garlic clove should then be lightly rubbed onto any blemishes. The garlic can be left on the face for around five minutes and then the face should be rinsed clean. If any burning results, the face can be washed with milk, which should help to neutralize the garlic.

Tea tree oil is another natural spot treatment that can be found at most health food stores and at some pharmacies.

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Tea tree oil works as an antiseptic and has antibacterial qualities that help to remove impurities from skin. The oil works into pores and helps to rid blemishes of pore-clogging bacteria.

Tea tree oil can be applied by dabbing a small amount onto the pimple. Most people will be able to leave the solution on skin, but others may experience irritation. If this occurs, the oil can be removed by washing the face. A small percentage of tea tree oil can often be found in facial gels or moisturizers which can be applied to the entire face.

Natural Acne Treatment Mask

Kaolin clay is a natural product that can be used as a mask to dry and treat oily and acne-prone skin. Kaolin clay masks can be purchased at health food stores and at pharmacies. Queen Helene’s Mud Pack Masque and Mint Julep Masque both contain large amounts of kaolin clay and can be found at most pharmacies.

The kaolin clay works by drying oily skin and pulling impurities from the skin. The clay also helps to shrink pores and improve skin’s texture.

Before applying a kaolin mask, the face must be thoroughly clean and slightly wet. The mask should then be applied in a thin layer over the entire face. The mask can be left on until it has dried. The mask can then be washed off using warm tap water. To shrink pores even more, a cold water rinse can be applied after the mask has been washed off. The face should then be patted dry with a clean washcloth.

Combine Acne Solutions

The acne treatments above can be used alone or together to help improve the appearance of skin. If used regularly, natural acne treatments can reduce the number and severity of blemishes on the skin.