Natural Remedies for Acne: Prevent Pimples and Blackheads with Natural Treatments

Acne can affect self-esteem and can permanently leave skin scarred and damaged. With natural treatments, adults and teens can help to treat acne and leave skin looking clearer and healthier.

Natural Acne Spot Treatment

Though garlic is know in folklore to ward off vampires, it also does a great job ridding the skin of pimples. This treatment can be purchased at any grocery store and should be bought in bulb form in the produce section.

Garlic works to treat acne by ridding the skin of impurities and helping to eliminate oils that clog pores. The garlic works as an astringent and dries the skin. Because of this, it is important to start with small amounts to prevent sensitive skin from dramatic drying or burning.

To apply the garlic, anyone can simply take one raw clove and cut it in half. The cut end of the garlic clove should then be lightly rubbed onto any blemishes. The garlic can be left on the face for around five minutes and then the face should be rinsed clean. If any burning results, the face can be washed with milk, which should help to neutralize the garlic.

Tea tree oil is another natural spot treatment that can be found at most health food stores and at some pharmacies.

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Tea tree oil works as an antiseptic and has antibacterial qualities that help to remove impurities from skin. The oil works into pores and helps to rid blemishes of pore-clogging bacteria.

Tea tree oil can be applied by dabbing a small amount onto the pimple. Most people will be able to leave the solution on skin, but others may experience irritation. If this occurs, the oil can be removed by washing the face. A small percentage of tea tree oil can often be found in facial gels or moisturizers which can be applied to the entire face.

Natural Acne Treatment Mask

Kaolin clay is a natural product that can be used as a mask to dry and treat oily and acne-prone skin. Kaolin clay masks can be purchased at health food stores and at pharmacies. Queen Helene’s Mud Pack Masque and Mint Julep Masque both contain large amounts of kaolin clay and can be found at most pharmacies.

The kaolin clay works by drying oily skin and pulling impurities from the skin. The clay also helps to shrink pores and improve skin’s texture.

Before applying a kaolin mask, the face must be thoroughly clean and slightly wet. The mask should then be applied in a thin layer over the entire face. The mask can be left on until it has dried. The mask can then be washed off using warm tap water. To shrink pores even more, a cold water rinse can be applied after the mask has been washed off. The face should then be patted dry with a clean washcloth.

Combine Acne Solutions

The acne treatments above can be used alone or together to help improve the appearance of skin. If used regularly, natural acne treatments can reduce the number and severity of blemishes on the skin.